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Horoscope for March / April 2010

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Spring is in the air and the primal urges of Mother Nature are emerging; new relationships will begin, existing relationships can deepen. During the months of March and April, the Sun will be moving through Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. (If you have friends born under these signs, don’t forget to send your birthday wishes.) Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in Aries and Taurus, while Mars, the planet of willpower, and expression is still in Leo (an unusually long transit). Passions will be running high, new ideas will take root, and grand gestures of love, affection, and even bravado are likely.


A passionate, outspoken, and sometimes bossy sign, you need a mate that can keep up with you. A partner must be able to stand their ground (no pushovers need apply). Your urge to be constantly engaged in work or at play makes you a dynamic and exciting partner. You are the ‘doer’ in a relationship, coming up adventures and pushing your partner to be their best.
With the Sun in your sign late March to late April you will be feeling strong, optimistic, and ready for new challenges. Opportunities, new connections and the help of others will be available to you. A key relationship can progress to heartwarming place. You can easily get what you want (or certainly what you need).
Element: Fire
Keyword: Driven
Erogenous zone: brow bone, temples, and scalp.
Hot Date Nights: March 26, April 29


A truly sensuous sign, you prefer to take life in stride and enjoy the moment. Relationships are very important to the Bull; they provide you with a sense of stability and focus. (In fact, many Taurians marry early in life.) Sharing space with your mate is key; you tend to show your affections though duty and service. Once married you are steadfast and true. Putting family first is a must.
Over the next few months you’re feeling more introspective than usual. This is an important time to think about what you want in your personal relationships and what kind of lifestyle you need. You might be a little more emotional than usual. Confide in a partner or close friend; you’ll get the support you crave.

Element: Earth
Keyword: Stable
Erogenous zone: jaw line, throat, and collarbone.
Hot Date Nights: March 19, April 24


Your dual nature makes you a puzzle to others (and sometimes to yourself). When it comes to love you can tire easily if your partner can’t intellectually keep up. It’s not uncommon for a Gemini to have a number of lovers before they pick one to settle down with (you like to have choice). Once married, it’s important that you can talk with your mate; they must be able to keep you engaged. Life will never be boring with a Gemini!
Over the next few months you’re ready to meet new people and get involved with groups, teams, clubs, and new social milieus. Love relationships will get nice and cozy. Romance, flirtations, and new friendships are likely. You’re in a highly communicative frame of mind and you’re eager to learn more about the world around you.

Element: Air
Keyword: Curious
Erogenous zone: hands, shoulders, and fingertips.
Hot Date Nights: March 1, April 17

CANCER  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cancers like to look after people, why? Because they’re secretly hoping someone will look after them. They’re often attracted to stoic types that can be the pillar they so deeply desire. They will go to great lengths to nurture and protect a relationship. The mate they choose should consider him or herself honored to have such a dedicated partner. Cancers need touch, affection, and consideration – on a daily basis.
Life changes are in the works for you! It’s highly likely that you’re making a big decision about your personal life direction soon. Be that when to get married, whether or not to buy a home, or what career direction to choose. Bosses, parents, teachers, and authority figures are on your side; take the time to think through the details.

Element: Water
Keyword: Nurturing
Erogenous zone: breasts, tummy, and palms.
Hot date nights: March 4, April 1


Ruled by the Sun Leos have a generous heart and a magnanimous spirit. They bring their sense of idealism and endless creativity to everything they do. When in love they can be extravagant and indulgent (champagne and caviar anyone?). Love is not something to be taken lightly, if their heart is broken it can take years mend. Once married, Lions are loyal and kind and they also make great parents. Above all, Leos know how to have fun!
With Mars in your first house you are feeling more athletic, competitive, aggressive, and energetic. All this energy can be channeled into a love relationship, giving you passion and a deep sense of commitment. By April you’re eager to spread your wings and explore the world around you. Book a trip, take a class, or break up your routine somehow.

Element: Fire
Keyword: Creative
Erogenous zone: shoulder blades, chest plate, and forehead.
Hot Date Nights: March 7, April 2


The well-ordered, seemingly aloof Virgo is actually a very sensitive soul. Virgos need to be needed and often show affection through service to others. They tread carefully into the land of love and they may put a potential lover through the paces. An earth sign by nature, they crave security. Once committed this gentle virgin will work hard at maintaining a healthy well-balanced relationship.
Close friendships, and romantic relationships are a major focus for you dear Virgo. It’s very likely that you will take things to a new level, perhaps one that was not expected. Be prepared to make a compromise this month, but in the end the rewards will be well worth it. By April your animal passions are running high, look out!

Element: Earth
Keyword: Exacting
Erogenous zone: lower belly, middle of the back, and sense of smell.
Hot Date Nights: March 9, April 6


As a Libra you are a perpetual romantic! You will entice the most interesting of lovers, and give the best of yourself to those you hold dear. Some of you are so in-love with being in-love you are constantly in a relationship! A people pleaser by nature you crave harmony in all your relations (sometimes at your own expense). Mates must be friends as well as lovers; you crave good conversation while handholding (a candle lit dinner wouldn’t hurt either).   
Over the next month the Sun is energizing the area of your chart ruling work, health, and your daily routine. Rhythms, systems, and simple rituals provide a creature comfort for you. Come April a close friend or partner may need something from you. Since your nature is to give, you’ll be willing to lend a hand.

Element: Air
Keyword: Diplomatic
Erogenous zone: back of neck, lower back, and tailbone.
Hot Date Nights: March 20, April 17


Intense, charismatic, and even smoldering at times, you are not a sign to be taken lightly. Others can easily succumb to your hypnotic gaze. It’s important to have a mate that you can respect; you admire strength, dedication, and personal power. Once committed you are fiercely loyal, loving, and extremely protective of your family.
Throughout the month of March you want to share what you’re feeling with the world around you. All types of artistic expression will flourish. Dust off your journal and write about what you’re feeling. Take the time to see people you love and show them that you care; they will most certainly be touched. Come April your attentions turn towards health and fitness.

Element: Water
Keyword: Magnetic
Erogenous zone: inner thighs, sex organs, and lips.
Hot Date Nights: March 4, April 20


You’re an adventurous sign Sagittarius! You need to constantly explore your world and push the boundaries. You’re often attracted to people from other cultures or those from backgrounds different than your own. Your optimistic and curious nature will attract people from all walks of life. You need a mate who challenges you and keeps you on your toes (since you can get bored easily). Friends become lovers in the Sagittarians world.  
Over the next few months your attentions turn to family matters, time spent with children, and creative pursuits Sag. In romantic relations honesty will be of utmost importance. You find it easy to receive the love that is offered to you, and you’re not shy to return it. You have a strong desire to play right now!

Element: Fire
Keyword: Seeker   
Erogenous zone: thighs, hips, and cheekbones.
Hot Date Nights: March 17, April 2


Strong, stoic, and practical, your feet are planted firmly on the ground. You know how to pace yourself in life and in love. Capricorns take romance seriously – they are deliberate and patient in their pursuit. It’s not usual for a Capricorn to marry later in life, as it can take some time to earn their trust. Capricorns don’t give their love easily, but once they do they will diligently protect it.
There’s a great deal of activity within your community and on the home front Capricorn. Over the net few months you might be busy working on home improvement projects, or improving your living situation in some way. Family relations and romantic connections get cozy April through to June. Treat yourself to a weekend getaway this spring!

Element: Earth
Keyword: Disciplined  
Erogenous zone: back of the knees, and calves.
Hot Date Nights: March 31, April 14


You are an intellectual sign, often observing your world as though you’re stranger here for the ride. You easily see ways to improve situations and you’re eager to lend your assistance. Freedom is terribly important to you. (You will need a mate who offers you room to move.) Intellectual compatibility is a must for you in marriage; you like your lover to be your friend.  
Your animal senses will be more acute now Aquarius, making this a wonderfully sensual time for you. You can easily cement a bond within your existing relationships, be that a friendship, a family connection, or with a lover. You will be compelled to express what your position is, and by doing so your honestly will impress others.

Element: Air
Keyword: Innovative
Erogenous zone: ankles and wrists.
Hot Date Nights: March 12, April 8


Romantic, intuitive, and sensitive, you fall in love with every ounce of your being. Those born under the sign of the fish can easily idealize a romantic partner sometimes leading to disappointment. Hang in there – you will find your soul mate, and bestow upon them your unconditional love.  
Others find you particularly appealing over the next few months Pisces. Be prepared for overtures and flirtations (even if you’re married)! The Sun will be in your sign until March 19th bringing you energy, courage and strength. Planetary activity in the southwest area of your chart translates into a renewal process. This might manifest as a change in your appearance, or a renewed interest in your body and your heath.

Element: Water
Keyword: Compassion
Erogenous zones: feet, toes, and hollow at the base of the head.
Hot Date Nights: March 14, March 26

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