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2013 New Year Astrological Forecast

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Your keyword for the coming year: Strength

Where you’re coming from
A culmination has occurred for you in the last few years, Aries. You liberated yourself from limiting situations, and you took life by the horns. At the same time you also learned what you need out of a partnership, and what you’re willing to give. If a partnership, business or otherwise, wasn’t fulfilling you, then you probably ended it. Conversely, investing more into a partnership (again business or otherwise) may also have occurred. It has been a much more social time, where connections with others would have had great influence; your status and notoriety may have increased as well. Congratulations!

Where you’re heading
This is a critical time of owning up to your responsibilities and being accountable (either to yourself or to others). The universe is pushing you to be stronger, and that means knowing yourself better. It’s possible that you might crave some time to get introspective and think about what you need out of life. That’s ok, you’re aligning your head and heart right now. In areas where your finances are intertwined with others you might experience restriction or resistance. Keep your expectations in check and exercise a little caution. This is a good time to make friends with your bank account and stay on top of payments plans, debts, and bills. The more you know where you stand, the better you’ll be at assuming your own power.

What’re you’re gonna like
Relationships and connections with others will be stimulating, upbeat and interesting. Travel with friends, family members, or lovers will be exciting and fun. It’s ideal to go to destinations that will expand your knowledge of the world and push you to new heights. Adventure vacations, walking tours, plus museums and history outings will call your name; closer to home, check out the local talent at art galleries, concerts, plays, and cultural events. You can expect to do some entertaining at home this summer. Domestic life and family connections are blessed. That can also mean that your family expands through marriage, birth, or adoption.

Aries Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 16, 17, 18
Feb 13, 14
Mar 12, 13, 14
Apr 9, 10
May 6, 7
June 2, 3, 29, 30
July 1, 27, 28
Aug 23, 24
Sept 20, 21
Oct 17, 18
Nov 13, 14
Dec 10, 11, 12



Your keyword for the coming year: Thrive

Where you’re coming from
Hard work and increased responsibility have kept your nose to the grindstone, Taurus. Since you are already one the most hardworking signs you likely have a lot to show for your efforts. Many of you started a new company a few years ago or went solo for the first time. You can take pride in what you’ve done, because true to your nature – there’s no doubt you did a good job. Health matter may have been challenging, but you’ve got yourself on a good track now. Many of you made some lasting changes to your day-to-day lifestyle habits and you’re seeing a lot of benefits from that.

Where you’re heading
These last few years of hard work are going to pay off big time, Taurus! Starting this year and lasting until 2015 you will be reaping the harvest. Seeds that you planted approximately seven years ago are blossoming in a big way. You’re still going to work hard (you like taking the bull by the horns) but you might find the job itself is easier. Perhaps your business is expanding, or now you’re just much better at getting the job done since you’ve perfected your craft. Increased responsibly in partnerships, both marital and business are likely now. You’re ready to invest in others.

What’re you’re gonna like
Your status is going to change as well – that can mean your professional status, academic status, marital status, or your standing within your given community. You can expect to receive more recognition now. Others are taking note of your past actions and they’re impressed! Relationships can be very rewarding. New relationships that begin now may have a fated sense to them and they’re likely to be long lasting. Conversely, if you’re in a situation you’re not happy with (business or personal) you’re going to bust outta dodge. You will be honoring your own needs and you will know what you’re capable of giving to a partnership.

Taurus Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 19, 20
Feb 15, 16, 17
Mar 15, 16
Apr 11, 12
May 8, 9, 10
June 4, 5, 6
July 2, 3, 29, 30
Aug 25, 26, 27
Sept 22, 23
Oct 19, 20, 21
Nov 15, 16, 17
Dec 13, 14



Your keyword for the coming year: Fulfillment

Where you’re coming from
You’ve been honing all forms of creative expression in the last few years, Gemini. As well, you have been refining and sharpening the tools of your trade. This has been an excellent time to learn and master new techniques, whether that’s for your job and career, or simply your artistic toolbox. You probably have a lot to show for what you’ve done! Increased responsibility and challenges with children have kept the Gemini parent on their toes. (These tests begin to mellow throughout 2013 as you adapt to the new circumstances.) You’ve been pushing yourself pretty hard kid, it’s time to relax a little!

Where you’re heading
Remember all those tools you’ve been working on? Now and over the next two and half years it’s a time to apply them to your job and get them to work for you – how sweet is that? Many Gemini’s will be heading to market and showing off what they’ve been working on. It’s time to hang up your shingle and let the world know you’re ready for business. You can bet you’re still gonna work hard, and you’re going to be busy (hey, you’re a Gemini – when are you NOT busy?). However, this kind of busy is about being efficient and effective, you’re streamlining your day-to-day activities. This is the time when you master your craft or service — get to it baby!

What’re you’re gonna like
Lots of opportunities are heading your way this year, Gemini. New jobs, promotions, and validating attention from coworkers, superiors, and VIPs — not too shabby! You’re world is expanding, you’re meeting new people from different walks of life, and getting a taste of the future you want to create. This summer and fall you’re going to experience an increase in your earnings (and possibly your spending, watch out). Ultimately, you’re going to get more of what you value and what you really need. Relationships are very blessed this year. New levels of emotional intimacy can be reached making you feel more content in many ways.

Gemini Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 21, 22, 23
Feb 18, 19
Mar 17, 18, 19
Apr 13, 14, 15
May 11, 12
June 7, 8, 9
July 4, 5, 6, 31
Aug 1, 2, 28, 29
Sept 24, 25, 26
Oct 22, 23
Nov 18, 19
Dec 15, 16, 17



Your keyword for the coming year: Creation

Where you’re coming from
Major changes to your Cancerian nest have taken place in the last few years my dear. You’ve put in a lot of effort to create security in your life and it’s paying off now. During the midst of these changes you may have felt very tested by life circumstances or the people in your world. Ultimately you were pushed to rise to occasion and make the necessary adjustments. Family commitments are likely to have taken place, and Cancerian parents have put their best efforts in. You have not only made changes for yourself, but also created a more supportive environment for those around you.

Where you’re heading
Over the next two and half years you might find yourself being more analytical of your efforts, especially in a creative nature, Cancer. You’re getting more serious about everything that you produce, from children to art, to work and business. Any and all artistic pursuits can benefit greatly when given structure and discipline now. Inspiration may not come so easily, but you’ll also have the determination to finish what you set out to do – making it so you can actually produce a lot! You might push yourself very hard now, so be sure to carve out the time you need to play and connect with loved ones, and don’t forget to make a little “you time”.

What’re you’re gonna like
This is going to be a hot year for you, especially as your birthday approaches. Lucky Jupiter enters your sign bringing gifts, goodies, and opportunities your way. You can expect to feel strong and robust in health matters and a better overall sense of wellbeing. Sports and recreational activities are calling your name. You’ll want to get on that bike or dust off those roller blades. New creations in the kitchen will delight. New projects or interests that expand your horizons in life and give you a broader perspective are likely. Relationships of all kinds are blessed now too. It a heartwarming time to express your innermost desires.

Cancer Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 24, 25
Feb 20, 21, 22
Mar 20, 21
Apr 16, 17
May 13, 14, 15
June 10, 11
July 7, 8
Aug 3, 4, 5, 30, 31
Sept 1, 27, 28
Oct 24, 25, 26
Nov 20, 21, 22
Dec 18, 19



Your keyword for the coming year: Invest

Where you’re coming from
You’ve been pushing yourself pretty hard lately, Leo. You’ve made a lot of important changes, especially to the day-to-day run of things. You’ve made things run more efficiently and effective (good!). It’s likely that you have expanded your career in a big way over the last few years too, possibly through training, education, or major promotions. This has also been a changeable time to, making you reassess things, and you may have decided to redirect your energies. Professional communities have played an important role lately, as you’ve been connecting with colleagues and sharing your ideas.

Where you’re heading
Attentions turn to your innermost personal and domestic life, Leo. If there are any problems with your personal life, or situations that you’re not happy with, you’re going to ensure that you’ll modify them over the next few years. This can result in a major change in relationship status. It can also mean that you are now willing to make the commitment to a relationship and take things to a more meaningful level. Some Leo’s might get married or move in with their partners. This can also be a time for a residential move, renovations, or redecorating. It’s all about creating a solid home base for yourself as you prepare for your long-term future.

What’re you’re gonna like
Your hopes and ideals for the future are very important now. This is a wonderful time to articulate your innermost desires to those close to you as friends and family can help you achieve your goals now. Personal connections and levels of intimacy can be thoroughly rewarding this year, Leo. It’s also a wonderful time to develop new relationships. Your generous Leo nature is on high making it so you want to make a difference in this world, or at the very least with those close you. Travel with friends to interesting destinations that stimulate your senses is likely. All sorts of playful and creative activities are in the works!

Leo Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 1, 26, 27, 28
Feb 23, 24
Mar 22, 23, 24
Apr 18, 19, 20
May 16, 17
June 12, 13, 14
July 9, 10, 11
Aug 6, 7
Sept 2, 3, 29, 30
Oct 1, 27, 28
Nov 23, 24
Dec 20, 21, 22



Your keyword for the coming year: Awareness

Where you’re coming from
You’ve made some major investments in the last two and half years, Virgo. That may have been in business, real estate, your personal home, or an investment in yourself such as education. While all this was going on, it’s likely that earnings and resources felt restricted in some way. Perhaps your earnings were less, or simply tied up in financial matters. These conditions caused you to be more selective about how you handled your personal wealth and that included your time and energy. Relationships (including friendships) that didn’t feel balanced will have also gone through an adjustment. You got serious about your real needs – good for you!

Where you’re heading
Things are taking an upswing, Virgo. You’re entering a new phase of your life where you’re going to be curious about pretty much everything. (You already want to know how everything works and why people do to the things they do.) You’re a quick learner, so fasten your seatbelt. Areas connected to schooling, education, training, research, study, writing, teaching, as well as any and all forms of communications are blessed now. This also extends to your awareness levels about the world around you. At this time you can restructure your everyday mental patterns, attitudes, habits, styles of speaking, and your ways of listening to others. You are making key changes in the subtle ways your world is ordered. You’re gonna like this!

What’re you’re gonna like
Close relationships benefit greatly now from increased clarity in your communications. A deeper sense of bonding with romantic partners and close friends will bring you a lot of joy this year. You’ll find that you’ll learn more about the needs and interests of others. Some of you may make plans to expand your family or better the home your living in. You’re going to get quality attention from others both professional and personal, so don’t be shy about sharing what you want. Others are willing to lend you support. You might also get some recognition for your job or efforts. This is an excellent time to promote yourself!

Virgo Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 2, 3, 29, 30
Feb 25, 26
Mar 25, 26
Apr 21, 22
May 18, 19, 20
June 15, 16
July 12, 13
Aug 8, 9
Sept 4, 5, 6
Oct 2, 3, 29, 30
Nov 25, 26, 27
Dec 23, 24



Your keyword for the coming year: Commitment

Where you’re coming from
You have recently come out of a pivotal time of growth, Libra. Over the last two and half years there have been some major changes in the works for you; from residential moves, to new jobs, professions, and commitments to people (most importantly commitments to yourself). You have a better sense of what your needs are and just how to go about fulfilling those. Responsibilities haven’t been easy, but you’ve taken things in stride and handled them well. (You are a charming and diplomatic sign, Libra – you know how to ride things through in style!)

Where you’re heading
As you settle into your new role with a more mature and renewed view on life, you’re getting ready to make some lasting investments. Now and over the next two and half years you will develop a more serious attitude about your earnings, your assets, and how to manage any debts you might have. Aggressive debt management programs might be initiated (if needed). You might also invest more time, money, and resources into your career, a business venture, your education, or your home. During this next phase you want to create more security for yourself. It’s also likely that relationships with key people (life partners and business partners alike) deepen and develop new bonds. You’re going to be very selective about who and what you spend your time and energy on.

What’re you’re gonna like
This is great time to expand your knowledge base on things, Libra. Practical knowledge that can help you in your career and workplace will come in handy. Get out there and take some classes, workshops, or attend some conferences. This is also a good time to get that license or certification you need to attain a goal. This is also an excellent time to communicate with others about your dreams and ambitions as others are willing to listen and willing to help you. A teacher or mentor may come across your path this year.

Libra Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 4, 5, 31
Feb 1, 27, 28
Mar 1, 27, 28
Apr 23, 24
May 21, 22
June 17, 18
July 14, 15
Aug 10, 11, 12
Sept 7, 8
Oct 4, 5, 31
Nov 1, 2, 28, 29
Dec 25, 26



Your keyword for the coming year: Transformation

Where you’re coming from
There has been a deep process of change at work in your life, Scorpio. Over the last two and a half years your world has transformed in many ways. It’s been a time of letting go and getting real (later born Scorpio’s are still going through this). Key relationships, business or personal, are shifting. Vocations, jobs, and life ambitions are being refined or changing altogether. Ultimately you are getting more in touch with your true needs and aspirations (this is a good thing!). Even if you had some trying moments during reflection, you’re going to discover more about yourself and your future potential. Hey you’re a Scorpio, rebirth is old hat for you!

Where you’re heading
Speaking of rebirth and new beginnings Scorpio, 2013 will be a year of striking out on your own and establishing new foundations. You might be pursuing a new profession altogether, or you will further improve your existing one. You might land a new job, role, or title that pushes you to rise to the occasion. This might not be a cakewalk, but you will sharpen your tools and commit yourself to the task at hand! Major relationships can bond on a very deep level. Don’t be surprised if your possessive and powerful Scorpio nature is triggered (things just feel more intense since Saturn is traveling in your sign). Use this intensity to your advantage and channel it into work, health, recreation, or creative pursuits.

What’re you’re gonna like
Business dealings, and all areas of life where your responsibilities are connected with others are going to improve. This can be especially favorable for financial partnerships, banking matters, taxes, as well as legal and insurance issues. This is an excellent time to talk about your aspirations (career or personal) since others are ready to help you. Romantic relationships can get very steamy and intense now. Your Scorpion libido is on high (va va voom!). Whether in a partnership or not, you’ll be sending out some strong vibrations and attracting people to your energy. Use it wisely baby!

Scorpio Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 6, 7
Feb 2, 3
Mar 2, 3 29, 30
Apr 25, 26
May 23, 24
June 19, 20
July 16, 17, 18
Aug 13, 14
Sept 9, 10
Oct 6, 7
Nov 3, 4, 30
Dec 1, 27, 28, 29



Your keyword for the coming year: Refection

Where you’re coming from
You’ve been a solid team player lately Sagittarius. No doubt others have been grateful for your contributions — these contributions may have been in your day-to-day job, family issues, personal projects, or even volunteer duties. Your altruistic nature has been harnessed and you’ve been compelled to give back. A leadership role may have presented itself. Whether or not you accepted it, you’re discovering more about what others expect of you and if you can handle it (or want to handle it). Your reputation and your standing with others and community members has garnered more respect, take the credit – you deserve it!

Where you’re heading
Now the pendulum begins to swing in a new direction. You’re going to crave more time on your own to reflect on things. The next two and a half years will be a time of deep consideration and insight. By nature you are the truth seeker, you want to know yourself or at the very least know what you need to do. Life events will unfold to push you more towards this place of knowing. Relationships, jobs, and career aspirations may change dramatically. Ultimately, situations or systems that are not working for you anymore must shift or move away altogether. As you reflect on the past, keep in mind that’s it’s just that – the past, and you’re going to be constructing a new future for yourself.

What’re you’re gonna like
Connections with others are more rewarding, fun, and stimulating Sagittarius! This is a wonderful time to share your new insights and your deeper belief systems with those close to you. You can learn a lot from others, and you’re also in place to share your knowledge now. Coworkers and business partners are glad to have your input. You’re likely to be validated or acknowledged for your efforts in some way. Key relationships already at work in your life may have a profound effect on you (or vice versa). Travel with friends and lovers will be favored this year. This is an excellent time to begin a new relationship or deepen an existing one. Others can’t help but be drawn to you now.

Sagittarius Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 8, 9
Feb 4, 5, 6
Mar 4, 5, 31
Apr 1, 27, 28
May 25, 26
June 21, 22
July 19, 20
Aug 15, 16
Sept 11, 12
Oct 8, 9
Nov 5, 6
Dec 2, 3, 30, 31



Your keyword for the coming year: Strategy

Where you’re coming from
These have been pivotal times Capricorn! Reliable foundations have been established over the last two and half years and you’ve created some solid ground for yourself. No doubt there’s been a fair amount of work and effort that you have put into things – certainly career, and family matters, but also a major relationship (even if that means you got out of one). You can, and deserve, to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. You got real – real smart about what you need! Others see you as strong willed and capable, you may have had a promotion or at the very least more respect from others for your efforts.

Where you’re heading
Your role, or your standing with others continues to become more solidified, Capricorn. You’re learning how to integrate your personal values with those of a group. You’re ethics and morals not only represent you, but those that you’re involved with. Most likely you’ve already made the important choices to align yourself with those that have a similar view of the world, but if not, you may have to rethink your participation. At this time the interests of the team (be that your partner, family, employer, friends, or a not-for-profit pursuit) become a key focus. You want to make a difference in something and you want a win-win outcome. Guess what? With your innate Capricorn sense of drive and ambition – you’ll get just that!

What’re you’re gonna like
Your team spirit is paying off! Coworkers, bosses, employees, and clients are jazzed to have you on their side. Your job scene is likely to improve in a big way this year. It’s also likely that you will learn more about the world through the people you’re around. This can result in interesting characters, or people from different backgrounds that open your eyes to new ways of life. Travel for work, or increased education about your craft and skill is highly possible. Your health greatly improves now too. You can benefit from a renewed focus in your personal diet or exercise régimes.

Capricorn Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 10, 11
Feb 7, 8
Mar 6, 7
Apr 2, 3, 29, 30
May 27, 28
June 23, 24
July 21, 22
Aug 17, 18
Sept 13, 14
Oct 10, 11, 12
Nov 7, 8
Dec 4, 5



Your keyword for the coming year: Harvest

Where you’re coming from
You’ve come a long way in the last few years Aquarius. You have been fine-tuning your approach to life — be that at home with family, on the job front, or simply learning new philosophies, and ways of doing things. Matters at home improved greatly, your family may have expanded through birth, marriage, or adoption. You have welcomed added responsibilities and stepped up to the plate, good for you! Whether you’ve been in school or getting practical training, you have been taking a number of steps to prepare for the time of harvest that awaits you.

Where you’re heading
This is where it gets good Aquarius. You’re at the top of a twenty-eight year cycle of growth and you’re about to reap as you have sewn! Over the next two and half years you’ll discover your status changing for the better. That can mean parenthood, or marriage, a promotion, or a career debut, as well as more acknowledgements from those around you. Conversely, if you’re in a limited situation this will be a critical time of cutting loose ends and liberating yourself from circumstances that aren’t helping you grow. Seeds that you planted as far back as fifteen years ago are coming to fruition. You are sure to see some interesting developments!

What’re you’re gonna like
Recognition for your efforts ain’t too shabby, and that’s what you’re going to get, Aquarius! Your work scene improves in a big way this year, making this a hot time to promote yourself, your product, or whatever it is you believe in. Day-to-day activities in your career and at the workplace will run more smoothly as you’re streamlining your efforts. Your creative insights will serve you well (you out-of-the-box thinker you)! Something you’ve been working on will be in the spotlight this summer and fall making you a sought after commodity. Personal relationships are expanding and you’re feeling more playful. Travel and romance are particularly lovely this spring and summer!

Aquarius Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 12, 13
Feb 9, 10
Mar 8, 9
Apr 4, 5
May 1, 2, 3, 29, 30
June 25, 26
July 23, 24
Aug 19, 20
Sept 15, 16
Oct 13,14
Nov 9, 10
Dec 6, 7



Your keyword for the coming year: Cultivation

Where you’re coming from
You’ve learned a lot more about power recently, dear Pisces. Either because you’ve had more power yourself, or someone or something (such as a company or establishment) has had power over you. In reality people only have as much power as we give them (oppression aside) and you’re coming out of a cycle of learning how to claim your own. You have developed a much better sense of self worth and person value. You’ve done some serious soul searching as well, digging down into the depths and learning about who you really are. (Congrats kiddo, you’ve made it through!)

Where you’re heading
Your interests move away from the deep personal development and knowledge of the self to learning more about the world around you. It’s highly possibly that you will attend some sort of schooling, or pursue a path of learning that will help your long-term career goals. Interests in education, research, documentaries, foreign cultures, religion, politics, and world issues will keep you fascinated. People from backgrounds that are different than your own may cross your path and have something to teach you. Travel for work or to expand your horizons is likely now too. You’re preparing yourself for a major career peak that starts in about two and half years. This is the time to make sure you have the right the tools for the trade!

What’re you’re gonna like
Now that you have a more refined sense of your personal value you know how to better your personal circumstances. You’re not afraid to share who you are since you’re more comfortable in your own skin; because of this, you might also find yourself in the role of teaching others and expanding their worldviews. Your creative nature is growing considerable this year. This can manifest in your business ventures, or it might be in a more private pursuit such as an art form, or a hobby. Personal relationships get a wonderful boost this summer and fall. Existing relationships will blossom into a new level. New relationships can easily develop (that means friendships too)!

Your Lucky Days for 2013
These are the days the Moon is in your sign giving you an extra edge. Your intuition is also higher.
Jan 14, 15
Feb 11, 12
Mar 10, 11
Apr 6, 7, 8
May 4, 5, 31
June 1, 27, 28
July 25, 26
Aug 21, 22
Sept 17, 18, 19
Oct 15, 16
Nov 11, 12
Dec 8, 9


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